Residential Cleaning Service


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Residential cleaning is something we specialize in. These services are generally used by homeowners or apartment dwellers that need their main living space tidied up, due to busy schedules or a lack of free time. No matter what reason you need us, we are here to help make your home sparkle. We offer many different services, within our residential cleaning, such as counter wipe downs, vacuuming, mopping, taking out the trash, baseboard wipe downs, bathroom cleaning and taking our trash, and doing laundry. Whatever your cleaning needs are, we assure you that we have your back.



Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s important to keep it looking and functioning like new. Whenever you cook, the kitchen gets a little bit messier. That’s not a knock on you, it happens to everyone! Over time, these little messes get bigger and bigger, until they leave the kitchen feeling overly messy. When this happens, save yourself the time and stress and let us clean up for you. We will wipe down counters, clean dishes, wipe out the fridge, brush up that sink, and make your kitchen glisten.



Let’s be honest here, no one likes cleaning a bathroom. Toilets are low and hard to clean. Bathtubs and showers have grout that’s back-breaking to brush. Trust us, we get that. But we have the tools and techniques to get all of this done for you. Let us come and make that bathroom look good enough to eat out of. We will clean your toilet bowl and tank. We will wipe down your counters and mop the floor. We will disinfect and clean the bathtub or shower so that, the next time you’re in there, you know it’s as clean as you are.


Living Rooms

The living room is probably the room you and your family spend the most time in. Because of the constant foot traffic and usage, this room is bound to get dirty pretty quickly. When the normal, weekly vacuuming doesn’t seem to work or the living room has just gotten to untidy that it’s stressing you out, let us come and fix it up. We can vacuum or mop. We will clean off the couch and wipe down the blinds. We will clean your TV and arrange those cushions so that the living room is as comfortable as it can be.



Bedrooms seem to be the rooms that get the least amount of love when it comes to cleaning. Because the bedroom is your space and usually tucked away from guests, it becomes a sort of magnet for all those dirty clothes and towels. But, we were always told that a freshly made bed can do wonders for a person. So, let us do that for you. We can wash the sheets and make the bed. We can pout you’re dirty clothed in the hamper or the wash. We will pick up the trash and clean your floors and make that bedroom the oasis it should be.