Open-House Cleaning

Woman Cleaning Window

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If you are having an open house soon, it is imperative that your home looks as clean as can be. When prospective buyers come to look at your home, they want to be able to envision themselves in it. If your house is dirty, this is much harder for people to do. Because of this, we offer open-house cleaning services. We can help to make sure that your home looks as new, or newer than it did on the day you moved into it.



One of the big things that people very rarely do is dusting surfaces. While most people will vacuum and wipe down surfaces, they don’t seem to remember that dust settles in often hard to reach places. Because of this, we want to help your home be dust-free. We will make sure to get up and wipe down those fan blades so that unsightly dust isn’t raining down on buyers. We will dust off that hearth so that people can see their family pictures up there. We will also tackle your baseboards so that every inch, top to bottom, is perfectly clean.


Help Staging

Although we are not a staging company, we can help to reorganize some of the furniture already in your home. If you’ve moved furniture into positions that worked for you, but that you know may not work for others, let us help you move it so it feels more aesthetically pleasing. A great flow can help to sell a home, so let us help you make that flow what it should be. We can move furniture into place, adjust rugs, or help you to move pieces to other parts of the house; anything you need to make it feel right.


Floor Clean

As with the other survives we offer, floor cleaning is always at the top of the list. Floors are something that every buyer will see as soon as they walk into your home. If your floors are dirty, it will be a massive turn off to anyone considering purchasing your home. Because of this, let us do everything necessary to get your floors looking like they were just installed. We will vacuum, mop, and steam clean if we need to. We promise to make your floors so clean that new buyers will think they’re purchasing a brand new home.



Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. Because people use bathrooms daily, they want to make sure that they can envision themselves in the space; feeling like they are in an oasis. Dirty bathrooms don’t make great a great oasis. Let us clean those toilets, wipe out those sinks, and scrub the shower and tub so that any buyer will want to spend their time in that space. Kitchens, along with bathrooms, need to be clean. Because food is prepared here, the kitchen is dirty, it will make buyers think of health concerns. This is not the way to sell that house so, let us make sure that kitchen sparkles!