Office Cleaning Service

Man Cleaning Floor

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If it’s your office that you need to clean, we can do that for you no problem. Offices see a lot of traffic; from staff to outside clients and, because of this, they collect a lot of dirt. Because you don’t want to spend your time cleaning up after your workers or asking them to clean, when there are important project deadlines approaching, let us take care of it for you. We can pick up and throw out the trash and disinfect those surfaces so that having a clean office, doesn’t need to be something that’s on your mind.


Workstation Cleaning

Workstations get messy over time. We know that sometimes you have to eat lunch at your desk and don’t get a chance to wash your hands after. Maybe you’ve accumulated a nice little collection of energy drinks cans and Starbucks cups? No matter what is going on at your work station, we can get it clean for you. We will vacuum the floors, wipe down your desk and sanitize and wipe down your computer’s keyboard and screen that those pesky office germs are a thing of the past.


Office Kitchen

If you are lucky enough to have an office kitchen, it is probably a good idea to make sure it’s clean. We know that one of your office mates probably leaves lunches in that fridge for 2 weeks and causes the whole place to smell. We also know that one of your other co-workers probably can’t get coffee into the cup on the first try. So, when that kitchen funk starts to build up, and you definitely don’t have time or energy to clean it up, let us be the ones to come in and save you.


Office Bathroom

The office bathroom can be a scary place. Trust us, we get it. You don’t who is using that thing or, honestly, what they’re doing in there. How is everything always wet? Why is there toilet paper stuck to every surface imaginable? We don’t want you to have to ask these questions or to ever have them answered. Because of that, let us come in and make your bathroom shine. We will clean that nasty old toilet. We will mop up the floor and wipe down the sink. We will do everything we can to make that bathroom feel as new as possible.


Conference Rooms

Conference rooms get a lot of use, from a lot of different people. Even if it’s your office’s rule that, once you’re done with the room, you clean it for the next people, we know you aren’t sitting in there scrubbing down surfaces and vacuuming. Who has time to do that when you have other meetings to take and clients to impress? Because of this, let us come in and vacuum both your floors and chairs. We will wipe down and disinfect all surfaces so that that nasty office cold that’s going around can be stopped in its tracks.