Move Out Cleaning

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No one likes moving. Being in a new place is great and all, but the process of getting from one place to the next is a process that brings an unnecessary amount of stress and mental anguish. Not only do you have to worry about packing and loading that moving truck, but you also have to worry about turning in your apartment or house you just sold, in a like-new state; either to get your deposit or your sale money. When this happens, let us do the move out cleaning for you.


Trash Removal

You’ve probably lived in your current digs for serval years and, because of this, have collected an enormous amount of kitschy and unwanted things; so many Christmas and birthday presents that, up until now, you’ve stored away just in case. But, now that you’re moving, you need all of it gone. This can be a daunting process; filling garbage bag after garbage bag and making several trips to the dumpster. If this is something you don’t want to do on your own, let us help! We’d be happy to throw away that old trash.


Complete Floor Cleaning

Floors get dirty over time. Because of shoes in the house or dirty feet or your pets prancing around after they’ve been outside, your floors become a breeding ground for all sorts of fun stuff. We know you probably vacuum weekly and, maybe, you’ve mopped once or twice. But doing that stuff, while it does help, doesn’t deep clean. If you are turning in your apartment or selling to someone else, they’re going to want steamed, beautiful floors that don’t have years of dirt caked into them. We promise we can clean your floors to a like-new state.


Deep Kitchen Clean

Kitchens get covered in grime over time. That’s just what happens. Sure, a counter wipe down here and there helps to fight the build-up, but it doesn’t eliminate it at all. Because grease splashes everywhere and that fridge probably hasn’t been fully cleaned out in 10 years, things are probably nastier than you realize. Let us be the ones to tackle this all for you. We can deep clean that stove, reach the furthest corners of your fridge, and get inside all of those cabinets to really make sure that the kitchen is perfect.


Move Out Checklist Satisfaction 

If you are moving our of an apartment, odds are that your rental company gave you some kind of checklist about what needs to happen for you to get back as much of your deposit as possible. These checklists can be exhausting, but we are here to help. If you send us over the checklist, we can look through it and give you an accurate quote on what we think it will cost. If everything sounds good, we will come and go through each and every item on that list, making sure that your apartment looks better than the day you moved in.